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The Dumping Ground - Series 5

The Dumping Ground Series 5 -

In March of 2016 I returned for my third consecutive series of CBBC’s flagship show, The Dumping Ground. The series follows the adventures and mishaps of children living in a care home and is a spin off from the Tracy Beaker series created by Jacqueline Wilson. Series 5 brought with it a new Executive Producer, Jonathan Phillips, and a new producer, Gert Thomas. It was a real pleasure to work with the two of them. As the show went on they put good faith in me and frequently asked me to go above the remit of an Assistant Editor. Culminating in asking me to do the assembly edit of a one hour special - Tyler Island - which will air in 2017. This was a fantastic opportunity for me, as the edit presented real challenges and gave me a good opportunity to show my worth. I remain hopeful I’ll be asked to edit on the show in the future.

Below is a trailer I edited for the first half of the series.

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