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What's going on?

Well here we are, another year behind us and the new one is in full swing.

My 2018 finished off with a great couple of projects. Firstly I edited a rather special block of five episodes for Hollyoaks. Directed by Sean Glynn, who is an absolute joy to work with. I've known Sean for a couple of years now, since my time as an Assistant Editor on The Dumping Ground and he's always been someone I hoped to work with. Together we crafted a rather lovely set of episodes rounding out a long running storyline centering on sexual abuse within football coaching. The story was created with the good people at The Offside Trust, who have worked with real life victims of such atrocities and were instrumental in helping our story stay true to the emotions and experiences of those victims. Our episodes featured a five day court trial, which Sean shot beautifully and received rave reviews. Here's one which was particularly nice from The Metro!

After that I headed to Cardiff to assembly edit the BBC's long running series, Casualty. It was a real joy to be there on a show that has been such an institution in British TV. So many talented people have been there before me and I can't wait to go back later this year. The finished episode (completed by Simon Maltby), airs in April.

On the 23rd of February I'll be attending the Royal Television Society North East & Border Awards, as a nominee for Professional Excellence in Craft: Editing. The event is always a great occasion organised by some great people. Having spent a little bit of time working outside the North East lately, it'll be a great chance to catch up. If you're going, do let me know!

My 2019 started off by returning to Lime Pictures and Hollyoaks. I'll be here till early April at which point I'll be very much available. I'd really love to open up my network of contacts and meet as many producers, directors & post supervisors as possible. I'm always open to any opportunities to Edit, Assembly Edit or be an Additional Editor. I have some really nice pieces of work I can show and I'm happy to travel anywhere in the country for a coffee. I might not be the most experienced editor out there, but I'm hardworking, passionate and seem to impress people! My goals for 2019 are high and I'll keep working hard to achieve them!

Stay tuned for a bit of an overhaul to my website, including a section hosting examples of my work.

Please do drop me an email if you'd like to have a chat and see some of my work in the meantime.

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