Can you help me take the leap?

In the last year or two I've felt like I have hit a ceiling. I don't seem to get many meetings and I don't get many answers to emails. I have a steady stream of work from several shows who routinely look to hire me whenever I'm available, but I'm struggling to add new credits.

After four years of working as an editor I believe I have a great range of examples I can show. Comedy, emotional, dark, light, fast paced editing, slow moody dialogue based editing. I have examples of working with VFX. I can show you montages cut to music. I can show you edits sensitive to the emotion of the script.

Can you help me make that leap? I'm interested in assembly editor work on higher budget productions. I'm interested in editing short films in my own time, to try and show a more diverse reel.

Far too often people in the TV industry are told "We're looking for someone with more experience on this type of show". Let me show I've cut scenes similar to your show. In 2019 I won a RTS award in a category filled with far more experienced editors, working on higher budget shows. When you look at editing, what really matters is the editing. Not the budget.

I want to tell the best stories, and I want you to help me to do so. Let's talk.

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