Editing Examples

On this page you'll find a selection of Tom's editing. Many more examples are available to see should you wish to. Tom has a variety of examples that cover many subjects and editing styles.


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Holby City - Series 21 Episode 40 (2019)

Holby City is a show I've long wanted to work on. Many talented editors have passed through their edit suites and there is a real emphasis on style and drama. This clip is from the first of two episodes I cut in June 2019, for Director Jamie Annett. Me and Jamie have worked together on several other jobs and I always enjoy it. His footage oozes style and cuts together seamlessly. 

This episode comes on the back of an attack on Chloe that leaves her distraught and deeply effected. Her ex, Evan, has attacked and raped her before she was able to fight back. We pick up the story dealing with the fallout. The episode features fantastic performances and it was a real joy to cut. 

Hollyoaks - World Mental Health Day Special (2018)

Cleo has been battling bulimia for a year. Having managed to keep it hidden from her family and fiance till now we haven't really seen too much of the effects. This episode changes all of that.
The episode starts with Cleo talking to her therapist about her wedding day. The first half of the episode sees the day take place from the way Cleo believes it. Everything is perfect, she's happy and ready to get married. She believes she faints at the alter. We soon find out that it's much worse than this. The second half of the episode shows the true day to day battle she went through.

Hollyoaks had worked carefully with the charity 'BEAT' to make sure this storyline came across as well as it could. As editor there was a large responsibility to ensure that work made it onto screen. The show airs at 6:30pm. The edit had to be sensitive, whilst also showing just how harrowing day to day activities were for Cleo. Shot selection was incredibly important, along with finding the right music and sound effects to really
give the viewers an immersive experience. The episode needed to swell and back off at the right moments.


The episode was widely praised and the charity 'BEAT' experienced it's busiest ever month on the back of it airing. 

This clip was part of the selection of Tom's work that helped win him the 2019 RTS NE Excellence in Editing Award.

The Dumping Ground - Series 6 Ep23

Children's Drama often deal with light hearted subjects, but the best ones find ways to deal with deeper, life changing subjects. This episode of The Dumping Ground features birth, death and a wedding.

From an editors point of view this brought challenges of how much we can show, how far can we let actors' performances take us before we have to rein them in. All the while maintaining the quirky and enjoyable style of The Dumping Ground.

Charlie finds herself starting the episode with the news that her grandfather has died. Due to a crazy set of circumstances, by the end of the episode
she has to deliver her careworkers baby in the back of the car. Ryan starts the episode excited for careworker, Mike's wedding. By the end of it his
anger issues have led to him feeling like he has no option but to runaway.


Despite two huge topics being based around grownups the edit needed to keep the focus on our younger cast. Keep in their head space and take the viewers on their journey.

Featuring some incredible performances, this clip was one of several clips that helped win Tom the RTS NE 2019 award for Excellence in Editing.